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Web Site MaintenanceMaximize Your Investment!

If you build an off ramp on the Information Superhighway, will anyone stop?

Benefit from our Expertise

Having a Website that your customers never visit is a losing proposition. Similarly, having customers visit your Website for the first few months and never return is also a problem.

For these reasons, SST Computing began offering Web Maintenance Contracts. With a Web Maintenance Contract, you control changes and updates to your site without actually having to deal with the details.

We manage your position on the Search Engines

A Web Maintenance Contract is a way of ensuring that your Website maintains its search engine ranking beyond that first submission. That philosophy keeps your organization one step ahead of the competition, resulting in more hits, which can translate into more customers.

More than 85% of web surfers use the top 100 search engines to find what they are looking for on the web. If you are the 1,000th link in a search that resulted in 5,000,000 total hits, it's as bad as it sounds. We work to get your rankings higher and you can track the results.

Once we get your site ranked, we keep it there

All clients on a SST Web Maintenance Contract receive re-indexing services on more than 1000 search engines, scheduled on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis.

Analysis and Content Changes

When you pay for a newspaper or magazine ad, can you track WHO reads the ad, HOW LONG they spend looking, WHERE they go when they put it down? On the Web, we can see all that, and more! After analyzing the traffic, we can adapt the site content to capitalize on successful approaches, and to eliminate failures.

If a site never changes, customers stop visiting. Unlike print media, a Website is not a one-time effort. By analyzing traffic and managing change, we keep the site fresh and successful. Web Maintenance Contracts with SST Computing enable you to plan for changes and to maximize search engine rankings. There are no greater keys to online success.

When you're ready to discuss your needs, please call your sales representative or Sidney McSwain at 770/426.0051, ext. 214 to arrange a no-cost initial consultation.

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Who We Are

SST Computing, Inc., serves as the local MIS for companies with central offices in Western Europe, Australia, and Canada.

We maintain corporate offices in Kennesaw, Georgia a suburb of Atlanta, with in-house backup systems, diagnostic tools, and an extensive parts and systems inventory. 

SST also runs and maintains a number of servers running Microsoft and Linux platforms at this site.