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Who Needs Firewall Protection?


Without the protection of a firewall, which serves as a buffer between an organization's internal network and myriad external networks-including the Internet-any network is vulnerable to threat or misuse by a multitude of entities.


If your company uses the Internet, chances are that you need a firewall. Fast becoming the most popular form of electronic communication, the Internet brings the entire world to your door. Information security experts suggest that you invest in some method of network security, so you can make sure that it is opportunity knocking at that door, and not a cyber criminal in disguise.

What is Firewall Protection?

A firewall is the most important line of defense between a company's network and the outside world. It serves as a buffer between an organization's internal network (Intranet) and external networks (Internet). Just as Internet use by businesses has escalated sharply in recent years, so too has the occurrence of network security breaches. Firewalls can provide protection for classified information by using different types of application proxies, which are designed to check every connection that crosses the firewall. Many firewall appliances also offer email filtering, web site filtering, security scanning services, and real-time alerting when a breach is attempted.

Who's Behind the Attack?

What threatens the security of a computer network? And who is most at risk? Without the protection of a firewall, any network is vulnerable to threat or misuse by outside entities. These intruders range from cyber vandals-often computer-savvy youth intent on causing mischief-to cyber criminals who illegally penetrate systems with the express purpose of damaging those systems or obtaining resources. Overall, you should be aware of possible attacks from anyone with the capability, technology, opportunity and intent to do harm. Profiles may include terrorists, insiders, disgruntled employees and hackers.

What's the Solution?

SST Computing realized this threat long ago and we have continually worked to develop solutions to protect the networks of our customers using SonicWall, 3com and Pix and other major firewall products.

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